160-Point Quality Assurance Vehicle Inspection

What makes a pre-owned Toyota a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota? See what's included in the 160-Point Quality Assurance Vehicle Inspection performed by Certified Toyota of Keene Technicians.

  • Audio/cassette/CD system working normally,
    CD cartridge present (if equipped).
  • Antenna is present and functions properly.
  • Radio speakers do not rattle at high volume.
  • Remote entry system works properly
    (if equipped).
  • Theft-deterrent system works properly
    (if equipped).

  • Battery in good condition, has proper
    cold cranking amps and reserve capacity.
  • Battery proper size and secure
  • Battery posts free of corrosion.
  • Cables in good condition.

  • Inspect brakes, calipers, lines and hoses.
  • No excessive vibration during braking.
  • ABS operates on "panic stop".
  • Parking brake sets and holds vehicle.
  • Brake pads/shoes must have minimum
    of 50% wear remaining.
  • No excessive grooving or heat checking
    of rotors or drums.
  • Parking brake releases completely.
  • Brake pedal is free play and travel is normal.

  • Perform emissions test and/or state inspection, if required.

  • Change engine oil and filter.
  • Check for evidence of sludge.
  • Inspect for fuel, oil, coolant or other
    fluid leaks.
  • Engine cold high idle correct.
  • No abnormal engine noise at cold start
  • Throttle does not stick shut on cold start.
  • Drivability ok during warmup.
  • Hot drivability ok.
  • Engine reaches normal operating temperature.
  • Engine fan functions properly.
  • No excessive drone or vibration from engine.
  • Drive belts and hoses free of cracks or damage.
  • No damage to engine mounts.
  • Check under-hood labels and decals.
  • Engine compartment is clean.
  • Under-hood heat insulator pad is clean.
  • Engine free of excessive dressing.
  • Inspect air filter.
  • Oil, brake, clutch, transmission, transfer case, washer and power steering fluid levels ok.
  • Under-hood fluids clear and uncontaminated.

  • Engine coolant at proper hot and cold levels.
  • Coolant specific gravity to -31 degrees.
  • A/C cooling operation normal.
  • A/C refrigerant sight glass clear.
  • Heater operation normal.

  • Exterior is clean and free of residue.
  • No cracked or broken lenses of exterior lights.
  • Outside rear view mirror operates/lens
    is good.
  • Glass free of cracks, stars and large
  • Glass is free of improper repairs.
  • Bumpers are free of cuts, gouges and scratches.
  • Body is reasonably free of dings.
  • Paint is reasonably free of scratches
    and chips.
  • Vehicle is free of improper paint repairs
    or mismatched color.
  • Hood and trunk latches working.
  • Free of water spots.
  • Paint is free of swirl marks.
  • Paint has even, high luster.
  • Paint is free of buffable scratches.
  • Free of wax residue.
  • Wheel wells are clean.
  • Acceptable aftermarket items checked.
  • Removal of unacceptable aftermarket items.

  • Frame/Unibody check.
  • Inspect body surface.
  • Inspect panel alignment and fit.
  • inspect lower body and underbody for damage.
  • check exhaust systems and hangers.

  • Hybrid Vehicle Immobilizer System.
  • Multi-Information Display.
  • Inverter Coolant Level
  • Engine and ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission).
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake Systems)
  • EMPS (Electric motor assisted power steering).
  • CCS (Cruise Control system).
  • SRS (Supplemental Restraint System).
  • HV ECU (Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit).
  • HV (Hybrid Vehicle) Battery.
  • Perform "Onboard Equalizing Charge"
    of HV Battery using intelligent tester.
  • Fully charge 12-Volt auxiliary battery.
  • Clean or replace air refiner filter.
  • Check park mechanism.

  • Master key is present.
  • Fuel gauge reads correctly.
  • Battery voltage gauge reads correctly.
  • Horn works.
  • Airbag deployment/replaced airbag.
  • Speedometer and Odometer work properly.
  • Cruise control operation normal.
  • Clock keeps time.
  • All wiper speeds work correctly.
  • Windshield washer operates.
  • Wiper blades are in good condition and work.
  • Wipers return to correct position when
  • All mirrors have a full range of adjustment.
  • Windows operate normally.
  • Window locks operate normally.
  • Power windows operate from master switch and all door switches.
  • Memory seat control operates properly.

  • Day/night mirror operates and lens is good.
  • Window tinting clear and free of bubbles.
  • Cigarette lighter is intact and operates.
  • Ashtrays function and are in good condition.
  • Ashtrays and lighter are clean; no evidence of use.
  • Headliner, sun visors, dash pad, upholstery, console, cup holders,trim panels, floor mats and carpets are in good condition.
  • Cup holder extends completely and sturdily.
  • Doors open and close correctly.
  • Seats, including child safety locks, work properly.
  • Headrests function properly.
  • Rear defogger grid lines intact.
  • Interior leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet and fabric surfaces are free of holes, rips, tears, excessive wear or fading.
  • No evidence of previous improper repairs.
  • Inspect seat belt conditions.
  • Seat belts have full range of extension and smooth operation.
  • Seat belts lock up per specification.
  • Inside remote release operates normally.
  • Interior is free of debris.
  • Dash and vents are clean and properly dressed.
  • All crevices are clean.
  • Doorjambs are clean.
  • Glove box and console compartments are clean.
  • Seats, carpets, floor mats and headliner are free of stains.
  • Free of odor, including heavy perfume.
  • Glass is clean and free of streaks.

  • Warning lights function
  • High and low beams ok.
  • Headlight aim is ok.
  • Tail lights work.
  • Brake lights work.
  • Side marker lights work.
  • Backup lights work.
  • License plate lights work.
  • Instrument lights work.
  • Heater lights work.
  • dash light dimmer works.
  • Turn signal operate correctly and self-cancel.
  • Four-way flashers work.
  • Defogger indicator light turns on with switch on.
  • Dome/courtesy lights operate with door cycles.

  • Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning.
  • Steering wheel centered in straight line driving.
  • Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface.
  • Tilt steering wheel adjustment works properly.
  • No excessive wind whistle or buzz.
  • No excessive tire vibration or steering wheel shimmy at any speed.
  • Interior free of significant squeaks or rattles.
  • Inspect steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots.

  • Inspect tires for defects, damage and inflation.
  • Minimum of 5/32" tread depth remaining across tread width.
  • All four tires must be of some brand, model, size, tread design, speed and load rating.
  • Wheels are clean and free of brake dust.
  • Tires are dressed, not greasy.
  • Wheel cover caps secure with no damage.
  • Inspect struts/shocks for leaks and wear.
  • No damage to CV joints/boots.

  • Transmission/clutch operates smoothly.
  • Automatic transmission in ECT power mode shifts properly.
  • Transmission gear ranges engage promptly while shifting when warmed up.
  • Transmission does not shift into overdrive when button is in off position.
  • Inspect transmission case and pan for leaks.
  • No damage to drive and axle shafts.
  • Differential fluid level correct.

  • Trunk is clean, free of debris and no stains.
  • Trunk light and trunk trim appearance.
  • Jack and tools are correct, present and secured.
  • Fiber board tire cover is not broken or warped.
  • Spare tier is present.
  • Spare tire and storage areas are clean.
  • spare tire is securely fastened.
  • No signs of damage to spare tire.
  • Minimum 5/32" tread remaining on spare.
  • spare tire has correct air pressure.

  • Run and print a CARFAX Vehicle history report/Check for outstanding service campaigns.

  • "Fade-away dome light works properly.
  • Sunroof/convertible top operates normally through full range of positions.
  • Convertible top lockout function operates.
  • radio security codes cleared.
  • Navigation system works properly.
  • Transfer case smoothly switches from 2WD to 4WD and back from 4WD to 2WD.
  • Truck bed liner is in good condition.
  • tailgate functions properly.
  • Rear bumper is in good condition and secured.



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