Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

LIFETIME Powertrain Coverage

Toyota of Keene, non-factory LIFETIME powertrain coverage.

Toyota of Keene is committed to covering the powertrain of your new Toyota forever!
  • Program covers repairs to the components of the engine, transmission, and drive axle including seals and gaskets!!
  • Program is offered FREE OF CHARGE exclusively to Toyota of Keene customers!
  • No time limit!
  • No maximum number of claims! 
  • No aggregate dollar claim amount per life of the contract!
  • Comes with EVERY NEW TOYOTA!
  • Maintenance and repairs may be done at ANY licensed facility.*

    *Customers MUST follow manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule and retain receipts for all maintenance. Any warranty work must be pre-authorized with warranty company. See dealer for complete details.

For more information on this Lifetime Powertrain Coverage fill out the contact form on this page!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What vehicles qualify for this program?
All new Toyota's sold at Toyota of Keene qualify for the lifetime, unlimited mile Powertrain coverage!

2. How much does the warranty cost?
There is NO cost to you!  This program is provided to Toyota of Keene customers and is just one more thing that we offer to add value for you - our customer.  If you can't or don't want the coverage there is no cost to you either way.

3. What is covered by the Powertrain Warranty?

Comprehensive coverage for repairs to components of the drivetrain, engine, transmission and drive axles.

4. What are the requirements?
All you have to do is what you have to do anyway. Simply maintain your vehicle (including all oil changes and tire rotations) according to Toyota's Recommended Service Schedule +/- 1,000 mile tolerance either way to get it done. While you may have your servicing done at any qualified repair facility, we highly recommend you come to Toyota of Keene for service to give our technicians opportunity to inspect and head off any problems BEFORE they become catastrophic. Wouldn't you rather have a Factory-Trained and Certified Toyota Technician check your car over 3-4 times a year than an entry-level technician at a quick lube?  . 

5. Is the coverage transferable to a new owner?
No. Should you, however, trade in your car or sell it privately, knowing you participated in the program by maintaining your scheduled maintenance will increase the value of your car.

6. Aren't you just going to mark up your service prices?
Our service prices are very competitive. When you bring your Toyota to Toyota of Keene for an oil change, you get more than new oil. We:
- Change oil and filter and drain plug gasket with Genuine Toyota Parts.
- Check and top off all fluids
- Set tire pressure (very important for an AWD vehicle)
- Check for leaks
- Check drive axle and suspension
- Offer a wait service or free shuttle

7. If I have servicing done elsewhere, what documentation do I need to keep?
Certainly one advantage of servicing your car at Toyota of Keene is that we maintain all of your service records electronically. If you have your service work performed elsewhere, you MUST keep every receipt to validate that all services were performed as required for your vehicle. 
8. Are there any other benefits?

Knowing that your car is covered by an unlimited Mile Powertrain Warranty, Toyota owners are more likely to maintain their vehicle rather than deferring important maintenance and repairs. This will either allow you to keep your car longer or it increase your trade value knowing that it was well maintained.

There you have it.  That's our lifetime Coverage!  More Questions?  Click here!


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