It's not just a rental....
It's a Toyota!

At Toyota of Keene, you can do more than just purchase or service your vehicle.


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What is Rent A Toyota? 

  • Rent a Toyota is a vehicle rental system for Toyota Dealers only. It has been designed by Toyota to assist dealers in providing available Toyota rental models to satisfy customers for everything from service or insurance replacement to retail rental for weekend test drives and/or extended travel plans. At this time, more than 50% of all Toyota dealers are Toyota Rent a Car dealers and we at Toyota of Keene are pleased to offer Rent A Toyota Service!
*Rates are based on local travel, please call us for details.

Why Rent A Toyota?
  1. Affordable - We offer extremely competitive local rates
  2. Convenient - A hassle free alternative for when your car needs service repairs or when you need an insurance replacement vehicle
  3. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance* with every Toyota rental car
  4. Try Before You Buy
  5. Current Lease Expiring Soon - A great way to prevent going over your mileage
  6. Take that long weekend getaway to the next level
  7. Impress your crew - Perfect for family reunions, weddings, a new job, relatives visiting over winter break

What's Included in Rent A Toyota's Complimentary 24-hour Roadside Assistance?
  • Mechanical breakdown, fluid delivery, tire changes, jump starts, lockout service, and towing so that you can feel secure renting a RAT vehicle. Your complete satisfaction is our goal at Toyota of Keene.
How are rates competitive with other rental agencies?
  • We are able to provide very competitive rates since Toyota of Keene works directly with Toyota.
Can I rent a vehicle at Toyota of Keene and return it to another location? 
  • At this time, vehicles rented from Toyota of Keene's Rental Center must be returned to Toyota of Keene. Check with us about off-site pickup services.
Can I rent any Toyota vehicle?
  • Most of Toyota of Keene's Rent A Toyota fleet are Camry and Corolla models but we do also offer the Rav4, Sienna, Tundra, Yaris, and Prius. These rental vehicles are limited so we ask that you please check with us in advance, if possible, to see what we have available for you at this time.
Can I buy the vehicle I am renting
  • Definitely. Rent A Toyota vehicles are available for purchase after their short four-month stint in the Toyota Rent a Car program, so please check with Toyota of Keene if interested.
Can I take the vehicle I rented into Mexico or Canada? 
  •  Our vehicles are allowed in the continental United States, Alaska and Canada.  Toyota rental vehicles are not covered in Mexico.
Are there age restrictions on the person renting the Toyota?
  • Yes. You must be 21 years of age to rent a Toyota vehicle in this program.
Are there any other restrictions? 
  • You need a valid driver's license and a major credit card in the customer's own name to rent a vehicle in the Rent A Toyota program. We recommend obtaining proof of the customer's full coverage insurance.

Best Car Rentals In Town!
If you are looking for a great vehicle rental nearby, choose Keene Toyota for all your rental cars needs. Car rentals and car rental companies can sometimes be stressful due to tons of paperwork and other considerations. At Toyota Keene, we make the process quick, easy, and affordable!. When you are ready to rent a car nearby, call your local Toyota rental specialists at Toyota of Keene. Our dealer is the has the best prices for vehicle rental if you have friends or family who need a vehicle quick, just let them know to Google "car rental near me" or "rent a car near me," select Toyota of Keene in the results, and contact us for more info!

Rental Car Choices are Limited in the Keene, Swanzey NH Area
Why go to another rental agency when you can rent directly from Toyota of Keene located in Keene, NH? Rent A Toyota  has the latest Toyota models for business, service, insurance, and leisure. Our rental cars are clean, low mileage, and 100% smoke free. Unlike a rental agency, Toyota of Keene offers many benefits including competitive rates and no hidden fees. Whether your rental needs are for pleasure, business, special events, or you simply want to test drive a new Toyota model, Toyota of Keene will provide you with a personalized, professional service to meet all of your needs.

Okay, I'm ready! How do I get my Toyota Rental?

Call 603-354-5053 to reserve your Toyota Rental today!

**Rental Car Choices are Limited in the Keene, Swanzey NH Area so please call ahead if possible for the best availability.